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Pei Ling 佩铃0206

Model Details/女孩详细 :

Name 昵称 : Pei Ling 佩铃0206

Price 价格 : SGD 130, 500

Age 年龄 : 26

Nation 国籍 : Local


Pls indicate (SWEETGEMS) when calling,Thanks!
联系时,请说是在 (SWEETGEMS) 网站上看到的,谢谢!

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Pls indicate (SWEETGEMS) when calling,Thanks!
联系时,请说是在 (SWEETGEMS) 网站上看到的,谢谢!


Pei Ling 佩铃 Video in Action

 Pei Ling 

36D Snow White Bouncy Boobs & BJ Service Babes

雪白脆胸的漂亮女友 狼友绝对口爆服务 !


Pei Ling ☎ 9872 0688 ☎ Pei Ling

 All Races are welcome


*100% no bullshit*

 *100% REAL PHOTO! 照片保证是她本人!*


Personal Data

 Name : Pei Ling 佩铃 0206

 Age : 26

 Origin : Local

 Ht/Wt : 160/48

 Bustline : 36D NATURAL( Pinkish nipples with Pinkish aerola)

 Languages : Chinese & Simple English



 [There Is Time Restriction, You May Mix & Match The Following Services ]

**She will be Fully NUDE 一丝不挂**

 ★[Lovely Couple’s Shower][ 情趣鸳鸯浴]

* Lovely Sensual & Stimulating Couple’s Shower Start The Foreplay of the Full Session!* 

 ★[Body 2 Body Massage][胸部按摩]

*Using her soft naked body brushed against yours to give you a deeper sense of excitement and pleasure.you will be taken to a whole new world of ecstasy!* 

[Tongue Licking, Catbath & Roaming][舌尖漫游 / 过水]

*Ticklish, tingling, cool licking tongue actions over every inch of your body.SUPER SONG!*

 ★[SEXY Boobs Massage][波涛胸涌, 性感波推]

 *Soft & Bouncy Gigantic Boobs ‘rolling & rubbing’ on your back!*

 ★[Sensual Breast Fxxk][感性胸交]

*Feel The Stimulation of 2 Gigantic Boobs she love to use her nipples to run though your body and make her nipples hard and erect!*

 ★[69 Deep Throat BlowJob Without Cap] [69式深喉无套口交]

 *Deep throat suction with sucking around your dick head and swirling her vibrating tongue around the corona, strumming the frenulum and underside of the shaft. Working her tongue on dick head and at time. Non Stop!* 

[Cums In Mouth][口爆]

 *She will suck it dry if you cannot control!*

 ★[69 Painting / Pussy Licking][69式舔鲍鱼]

 *She Loves The Stimulus Feelings From Your Pointed Tongue. Moist cunt lips with a nice clit to stimulate!*


 *YES, Very adaptable & tight poking action.But well prepared! She's a real match for anyone. A libido like hers may prove too much for you to handle and you will need all your energy to keep up with her rhythm. Always motivating you for more, you will be drained of every fluid in your body.Moans With Rhythm!* 

[Cums On Body/Breast][射身上/射胸]

 *Fulfill your sexual fantasy and she love to have your spermines on her body as body cream!*

 ★[Attitude & GFE][服务态度/女朋友感觉]

 *Guarantee good attitude and good massage, highly friendly, Chatty when ice broken, Highly wild & slutty when on bed, not a time watcher & Gf feel.*


★ She provide Tarma (双飞), please check directly with her

  *Services that She don't provides:
Other Services That Are Not Mention Above
Other Intimate Actions No Anal & RAW *

Please Note:

For Outcall Service Available, Price Check Directly With Her


$130+/Session + 1xFj 


$500+/Overnight, 过夜

**Include Room ★★ Clean & Cosy** 


Pei Ling ☎ 9872 0688 ☎ Pei Ling

 All Races are welcome!!!


32 Reviews For Pei Ling 佩铃0206

福哥 16-04-24 22:29:43 :
我已经找约过她好多次。 每次她的服务都非常好, 非常棒。 不赶时间, 温柔体贴, 口活和口爆都很舒服, 爱爱的时候, 妹妹也紧。 她的奶大, 柔软摸起来很舒服, 什么姿势她都行。 很完美的一个美丽的女人, 我会一直約她。 价钱很值得
J12345 12-03-24 13:56:55 :
Visited her , she is the best so far i ever met. Bj is the best omg . She blow till i cum so hard in her mouth that she ate it fking sexy
Stephen 20-02-24 14:59:07 :
I met Pei Ling two weeks ago and today i visit her again i still impressed by her service she is till marvelous. i really awesome and enjoyable experiences night with her .She start to give me a blowjob wow she moans like having sex for the first time and i become more horny that i cant tahan then I shift to Fj. A few minutes later she held me tight, face became contorted and came with a mighty scream of "lai le, Lai le!!' 老公好爽....老公.....我受不了....... Then she lightly hit me and mockingly complained that her legs were jelly now..she really extraordinarily skillful and enthusiastic. High way in Heaven with a wonderful ending and full Sextisfying feelings. Full Session worth a money. For sure i will be back for more fantastic moment with her. RTM.
Stephen 11-02-24 04:46:23 :
After watching Pei Ling review and live video at Sweetbates.com , i was so tempted to try her. Her looks 10 abt 101% same as photos. After shower she started roaming, given me a good feeling BBBJ awesome and painted all over my body and i was invited to painted her as well during the process and she moans non-stop until she lifted my head up and said 老公.. 我要..ahaaaa..给我...我要....你..的. didi so I capped and faster shaft into her sweet little pussy...Shiok..lah..ahaa...Oops! really great! So we begin with missionary, doggie & shot in cowgal…Oops She was so tight and wet. So far She is best gal, Great service attitude, Very Friendly, well mannered, cheerful, Accomodating & willing to pls thru out the session. Come and try and you never regret. Very good service till now I still remember and enjoyable. Nice lady top notch so Great!!! Shiok yah!. Probably be back for her next week.
Benny 26-01-24 05:37:52 :
Attitude, Pei Ling she very Friendly, well mannered, cheerful, Accommodating & willing to pls thru out the 60mins. Looks 9. abt 101% as photos. Electrifying teasing with her nails and awesome BBBJ. FJ was really great too ! Begin with missionary, doggie & shot in cowgirl… She was tight and wet. Definitely RTF
王宁 29-12-23 06:03:41 :
王志强 24-12-23 08:02:34 :
Young lady,the blowjob is really good, the bed skills are better, the sex is very active, and the pussy is small, full of water, tight and durable, it really makes me feel good, and I will look f her next time. Brothers take good care of her. wth. never regret.
Donnie 14-12-23 08:26:05 :
Amazing service! Licks and BJ damnnnn good! Especially her Bj 100% go for it . I am so in love with this girl Pei Ling . Shes totally fantastic but she knows how to please me very well. I am going to find her more often. Recommended! Awesome!!!
Daddy’s cool 07-11-23 06:30:42 :
I just have session with Pei Ling 2hours ago, I was so impress of her sweet outlook showing off the two big huge D melons & pinkish nipples and the sweet abalone below straight away arouse me, she friendly , and she was naked in front of me and seated beside me on bed chatted for a moment and next moment we both together in the bathroom have a good and forgettable foul-play until now i still recalled, next i will not elaborate let all chiongsters Bro to go and meet her up.....she help me dry up, the moment we are both on the bed having good times with her she given me a good feeling BJ and painted all over my body and was invited to paint her as well during the process she was moans non-stop until she lifted her head up and said bao bei 老公...我要...ahaaa a.... ahaaa...老公 ...我要…so I faster faster shaft in.....ahaaa...aaa......pooopoopoo and surrender into her sweet hole. Shiok....ahaaa.....aha.....wow conclusion sweet lady I have met, worth bonking her and give me a sweet memory, Oops !! I forgot her BBBJ was good . I will RTF her on next session again.
晓光 09-10-23 06:59:35 :
看了她很多好评报着试试心态去看看,果然真没让我失望,调情花样很多,不赶工,每个细节都做的相当到位,口活超爽,接吻就像跟自己女朋友一样的特有感觉,物有所值,非常满意的一次消费。 100%会回头。
情歌王子 07-09-23 06:14:04 :
D.j 19-07-23 07:04:40 :
Yesterday was a raining day and i decide to book Pei Ling from Sweetbates.com to make an appointment. Pei Ling She has the sexy look & her slutty ness & seducing pattern will make u cannot last long & thus your first shot will be out quickly. Her skin smooth and flawless imagine it rubbing on your body during the boobs massage. She got gorgeous a look with a sexy bouncy with Pinkish Nipples that all men see already sure steam. She will lick almost every inch of her tantalising body pay special extra attention to her beautiful Pinkie nipples & wet clit. All these while she was also enjoying herself as can tell from her sexy moans. Her eagerness to please coupled with her skilful tongue makes me damn steam as I bonk her in a few positions. Emptied all my cum to the last drop in her nice wet pussy in the CD. Yearn to bonk her again! Time spent with her was simply amazing! Her smiles melt my heart away. She glows the me you look at her. Boobs is really quite big and nice and damn good to hold. Totally turn me on she we a sexy panties that show her butt. Haha. Lastly was her BJ which totally blew me out of the wild. All in, I left her place with a happy man and can’t stop images of her, she always on my mind. Will definitely RTM without fail, Guys i recommend you who not yet visit her, she is missing out nice stuff…..Rtf – for sure. Probably she is my Great gems.
小飞 17-05-23 14:08:42 :
大郎 09-05-23 09:40:31 :
 Very good services,her is comftable and her bbbj is good and her boob is soft and big and pink and nice to grab and her attitude is good. I will rtf with her again and find her again
濠哥哥 30-03-23 06:45:24 :
佩铃身材长相都是我喜欢的类型,美女服务认真。 人友善健谈也不催促,口技舒服,爱爱各种姿势都会配合,搞得爽爆了。 没多久就忍不住,很快就射了
Small Hero 27-02-23 09:59:28 :
After checking review, make an appointment with 小姐姐. Very small and slim girl.. but very chatty. Her boob are real n big for her size. Perfect GF. She behave like your next door neighbour wife. Super slutty.. but respectful. Went to bed, lay down.. and that where she straight away, bareback blow you with lots of slurping sound. Dam! I nearly CIM for her . Proceed to doggy, omg.. her hole are deep and full of wet juice.. fucking slippery.. and she squirted .. if you guys know lulu from pornhub, then she is sister of lulu Chu.. Dam sexy back while I doggy her. Made her squirt 5 time and proceed to finish her in missionary.. man, I do feel like king being serve by concubine for a moment. And that not all , she proceed to knee on bed , took off that load of cum in condom. Hold my limped dick and bareback suck every single drop of my cum till I fall back on bed.. and she kept sucking till I moan stop please.. 姐姐. I turn around lay on my tummy while she spank my ass and made me turn around and squeeze her nipple into my mouth while she say, 弟弟.. suck my boobs please! I obligated and did while my finger auto roam her clitoris till she squirt for the 6th time! Fuck! She is one hell slutty neighbour wife. Looks : 8/10 (can be improve) Age: 30-34s Body: petite Boob: 36 D (big for her size) Weight: 45-51kg Height: 155-158cm RTF: for sure on weekly basis.. Overall: 4.8star out of 5 Damage: as advertised Location: discreet
Colin 19-02-23 03:09:32 :
Pie Ling is beautiful her services was very good. Frechkissing And bj was so amazing , At this price it worthy. Keep calling you when making love with you. Only one words to said shiok. Come and try and you won’t be regret. Very good service until now I still remember. Make love with her was very enjoyable. I will visit her twice a months. I can’t forget her services was so good. Shiok lah
Benjamin 12-01-23 12:57:28 :
I met Pei Ling a month back and today i visited her again i m still impressed by her service she is the best . i have ask her always smile and says okay i really had the best experiences of my life with her the way she blow me and the way she moans like having sex for the first time its still makes me horny that i cant tahan . A few minutes later she held me tight, face became contorted and came with a mighty scream of "lai le, Lai le!!' 老公....老公.....我要....... Then she lightly hit me and mockingly complained that her legs were jelly now..she really extraordinarily skillful and enthusiastic. Wonderful ending in Heaven with full Sextisfying feelings. A very money worth a session. For sure will RTM.
Yang 31-12-22 04:37:18 :
Made arrangements to meet her today after her monthly rest, we both had a great time together slow n steady, she really knows how to please me n her service is always top notch despite visiting her for numerous times, she will fulfill your request on different positions with smiles n not forgetting that she has a great body, gentle n sweet looking lady n with very good attitude towards her work . As i always said most importantly is mutual respect.
Google User 04-12-22 13:22:32 :
昨晚我约了佩铃美女身材长相都是我喜欢的类型,美女服务认真。 人友善健谈也不催促,口技舒服,爱爱各种姿势都会配合,搞得爽爆了。 没多久就忍不住,很快就射了 , 下次一定再回头
马大哥 27-11-22 06:55:13 :
终于约到了,一进门居然看到火辣辣身材在面前,视觉上瞬间让脑休克两秒,就在69时候感觉真是像情侣一样很舒服,重点在抽出时候洞里藏有水帘洞,听着洞里水声音,你肯定会让她停不下来,事后她把我搂在她怀里 就像暗恋的女老师把我抱进怀里转,奶 身材 脸蛋都是我爱的类型,体验了真的很棒! 你们不要找她哦,我怕我到时排队排很长。哈哈
Adriano 08-11-22 06:24:46 :
Real girl, cute body and lickable pussy. French kiss allowed. Will find her again
Ricky 08-10-22 04:05:25 :
Pei Ling is nice lady and friendly, she offered me a drink. She proceeded to give me a though wash and we proceeded to the bed. Her pinky nipples were erect all the way and she proceeded to BBBJ missionary. Her pussy is quite shallow and you can feel my head pounding against her cervix which is quite nice. She will grab you and wrap her legs around you while She moaning and calling 老公,爽 ahaaa…like no tomorrow.. OMFG!!! Woosh! she is so tight like a virgin that make me come very fast.and I surrender into her sweet hole...shiok....ahaaa a... I rate 8.5, she really know her job.. Attitude : No rush. Probably she is my Great gems. !!! will RTF her again.
王林 17-09-22 05:45:03 :
兔兔 28-08-22 08:59:23 :
Benjamin 08-08-22 05:54:22 :
Visited Pei Ling yesterday night. Confirm photo is real. Real person look prettier and younger. Her service is great. GFE is excellent. Looks: 10/10 (Same as photos beautiful) Body: 10/10 (Fair and Sexy Pinkish nipples ) BBBJ:10/10 (So great, licking to nearly cum) Fj: 10/10 (Responsive and blow your mind) GFE: 10/10 (She treat you like her BF) RTF: Sure 101% YES
大白狼 22-07-22 05:20:12 :
火哥 02-07-22 04:27:28 :
佩铃是可爱融合了性感,真的受不了了。口功特别好哦,会看着你,会深喉,还会角色扮演,换上喜欢的衣服来挑逗我,受不了,我一定会 回去看她。????
小王 30-06-22 01:07:52 :
Had a great time with Pei Ling not a time waster. She is so delicate. Took her time with me slowly, we enjoyed each other me sucking her tits and kissing her. She slowly enjoyed sucking my balls and shaft, finally she wanted me in her. As I went in she moaned so desperately. I went deep in her. She was so warm. Rating: Boobs:10/10 Looks: 9/10 Sex: 10/10 Pleasure: 9/10 GFE: 10/10 Return Fuck is a definite!
福哥 29-06-22 01:06:45 :
昨晚我约了佩铃美女,一开门我惊呆了,太漂亮了,本人比照片上漂亮很多,妩媚妖娆性感。是初恋吗?那身材,肌理骨肉均匀,增一分则肥,减一分则瘦,施粉则太白施朱则太赤,白里透红细腻光滑,好想立刻把她扑倒。当她一讲话时,哇靠!声如黄莺出谷,珠玉落盘,甜到腻的声音不由得让我联想到叫床声,令我当时就硬了。洗澡时看着她那羞羞表情,大而亮的眼睛,羞红的脸颊,诱人的嘴唇,摸着她光滑的皮肤,颤颤巍巍富有弹性的大奶子,好想立刻云雨一番。她让我我躺在床上忽然感觉到湿湿热热的小舌还不断的在舔你的龟头,又痒又热。我迫不及待的把她压在了身下,感觉到她柔软温润光滑的的肌肤,吻了上去,没想到她会主动的把她的丁香小舌深入我的嘴里与我互动,我当时脑袋一片空白,不断的配合着,我迫不及待的插了进去,感受到了小穴流了很多水,紧的同时又湿又滑又热,再加上那诱人的的呻吟声,时而高亢,时而婉转,与啪啪声共同奏想响了乐章。到达了人生的巅峰. 下次一定再回头
David 09-06-22 06:39:39 :
FR for Pei Ling A MUST TRY GEM! This is my first attempt on Pei Ling. Fortunately and I must admit, she gives me the best bonk and sexual experience that I’ve ever had. Just one word, “Awesome!” Was her first customer of the day. I was greeted by a lively smiling lady when tight bulging T-shirt showing her firm boob. Pei Ling looks sexy, foxy and gave an instant hard-on impact for my hungry little brother. I was instantly attracted to her lovely face and nice curvature. She is very friendly, My stunning eyes were fixed on her well-rounded boobs. While she removed her T-shirt, I started to suck her nipples like a small kid deprived of Conclusion : Wonderful ending in Heaven with full Sextisfying feelings. Soon we were frenching and my irresistible hands were fondling her boobs. By the way, her pinky nipples are really nice with sensitive tip. And she start to knelt-down and extend my harden-rod. When she looked up to me, with her mouth frenching my little brother in a seducing manner, oh-man, the feeling was heavenly; simply out of the world. From standing position, we rolled ourselves on the bed, exploring and admiring each other bodies; went into some foreplay like long-lost sex-partner. She really has the devil sexy, curvy body for a sextisfying bonking session. She smiled at me, give that kind of CIM looks and keep calling me “Darling…”, wow, it really melt my heart. We continued our sexual exchange. I shall stop here since I need to attend to something urgent. Overall, the session was really sextisfying and SHIOK. Pei Ling was really playful and wild. The whole package is just wonderful. "Awesome" looks – 8/10 (Look better in real person. Quite sexy look but with heart melting smile.) body – 8/10 (Sexy body with nice curve and snowy fair skin. good for sex) boobs – 8.5/10 (solid and firm lah. pink nipples Just nice.) BBBJ – 9/10(very deep throat, long and moaning, with sexy look.) FJ – 8/10 (good with moans and sexy look. Like her BBBJ with seducing look. Really like porn-action where we tried various positions.) Attitude:- 9/10 Bonking Venue:- 9/10 (complete privacy) Overall the package (look, boob, height, body etc) was VALUE for $$ Thanks bro , Sweetgems
Benjamin 04-06-22 03:54:45 :
I'm one of the biggest BBBJ/CIM connoisseurs and Pei Ling is one of the best vintages I've had the pleasure of being milked!! A complete solid service provider! Definitely super standard skills, diligent, works hard to please. I totally love her soft natural hanging boobs!! Haha seeing them hang and swing as she is giving me a BBBJ was an erotically awesome sight!! Pei Ling are here to serve. And to serve well. To provide mind-blowing sex, to work and accommodate to our needs till we are fully satisfied. As I was painting her, I could tell she was not interested in her own pleasure and wanted to begin pleasuring me. So I let her... So her catbath, boob fuck and incredible deep, wet, slow BBBJ must rank among the best there is!!! Her BBBJ deserves special mention. Slurpy and very knowledgeable. She gobble my balls, lick the sides of my shaft, then devour my cock whole. Best thing is that she alternates between these techniques to maximize sensations and ensure the thickest firmest hard on that I would get. 20 minutes later, yes 20 glorious sensational minutes!!!! I capped and I ploughed into her wet pussy. I guessed she likes it deep so I employed my patented "rock and grind' manoeuvre.... which paid dividends almost immediately. Her pussy began to flow. Her loud practiced moans suddenly began deep genuine grunts. A few minutes later she held me tight, face became contorted and came with a mighty scream of "lai le, Lai le!!' 老公....老公.....我要....... Then she lightly hit me and mockingly complained that her legs were jelly now - how to work? But work she still did...Despite her jellied lethargic body, she got between my legs and administered her incredible BBBJ. More exquisite slurping, shaft licking, balls gobbling and deep wet long bobbing on my cock. I came into her waiting wanting mouth - gush after gush after gush. And Pei Ling got really excited by this! With her mouth crammed with my cock, Pei Ling moaned more earnestly and louder with each of my orgasmic contraction squirting and pumping streams of hot man spunk flooding her mouth! She didn't stopped till I was completely empty!! Awesome Face: 8.5 (Gnd pretty, happy deposition) Body: 8 (nothing to shout about , normal, but her tits....wow...!!!) Boobs: D cups 8 (though not that big, but there're real and creamy and soft so they hang so erotically when giving me BBBJ) Fj: 8.5 (quite good, very accommodating in any poistion, but at least she got an orgasm, but where She really excels is when she services with her mouth and hands....) Catbath/BBBJ/CIM: 8.5!!!!! (I've never rated anyone above 9 so this is fantastic. Extraordinarily skillful and enthusiastic. She takes her time pleasing until I was completely spent and happy. I would pay money just just to lie down and let her do her amazing work) GFE: 8.5 (nice girl to be with, no airs) Conclusion : Wonderful ending in Heaven with full Sextisfying feelings. A very money worth session. Sure will RTM.


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