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Taozi 桃子 1303

Model Details/女孩详细 :

Name 昵称 : Taozi 桃子 1303

Price 价格 : SGD 180+

Age 年龄 : 24

Nation 国籍 : Malaysia


Pls indicate (SWEETGEMS) when calling,Thanks!
联系时,请说是在 (SWEETGEMS) 网站上看到的,谢谢!

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Pls indicate (SWEETGEMS) when calling,Thanks!
联系时,请说是在 (SWEETGEMS) 网站上看到的,谢谢!


❤ Taozi 桃子 1302 ❤

  Newbie Snow White and Bouncy Boobs with B2B Service 

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雪白脆胸的漂亮女友 狼友绝对B2B服务 !


 Taozi ☎ 9124 1038 ☎  Taozi 

 All Races are welcome


*100% no bullshit*

 *100% REAL PHOTO! 照片保证是她本人!* 


Personal Data

 Name : Taozi 桃子 1302

 Age : 24

 Origin : Malaysia

 Ht/Wt : 168 /48

 Bustline : 38D 100% NATURAL

Location : Balestier

 Languages : Chinese & English



 [There Is Time Restriction, You May Mix & Match The Following Services ]

**She will be FULLY NUDE 一丝不挂**

 ★[Lovely Couple’s Shower][ 情趣鸳鸯浴]

* Lovely Sensual & Stimulating Couple’s Shower Start The Foreplay of the Full Session!* 

 ★[Body 2 Body Massage][胸部按摩]

*Using her soft naked body brushed against yours to give you a deeper sense of excitement and pleasure. you will be taken to a whole new world of ecstasy!* 

[Tongue Licking, Catbath & Roaming][舌尖漫游 / 过水]

*Ticklish, tingling, cool licking tongue actions over every inch of your body. SUPER SONG!*

 ★[SEXY Boobs Massage][波涛胸涌, 性感波推]

 *Soft & Bouncy Gigantic Boobs ‘rolling & rubbing’ on your back!*

 ★[Sensual Breast Fxxk][感性胸交]

*Feel The Stimulation of 2 Gigantic Boobs she love to use her nipples to run though your body and make her nipples hard and erect!*

 ★[69 Deep Throat BlowJob Without Cap] [69式深喉无套口交]

 *Deep throat suction with sucking around your dick head and swirling her vibrating tongue around the corona, strumming the frenulum and underside of the shaft. Working her tongue on dick head and at time. Non Stop!* 

 ★[69 Painting / Pussy Licking][69式舔鲍鱼]

 *She Loves The Stimulus Feelings From Your Pointed Tongue. Moist cunt lips with a nice clit to stimulate!*

[Cums On Body/Breast][射身上/射胸]

 *Fulfill your sexual fantasy and she love to have your spermines on her body as body cream!*


 *YES, Very adaptable & tight poking action. But well prepared! She's a real match for anyone. A libido like hers may prove too much for you to handle and you will need all your energy to keep up with her rhythm. Always motivating you for more, you will be drained of every fluid in your body. Moans With Rhythm!* 

 ★[Attitude & GFE][服务态度/女朋友感觉]

 *Guarantee good attitude, highly friendly, Chatty when ice broken, Highly wild & slutty when on bed, not a time watcher & Gf feel.*



  *Services that She don't provides:
Other Services That Are Not Mention Above
Other Intimate Actions No Anal & RAW *



$180/ Session 1xFJ

**Include Room ★★ Clean & Cosy** 



 Taozi ☎ 9124 1038 ☎ Taozi 

 All Races are welcome!!!


1 Reviews For Taozi 桃子 1303

wong 10-04-24 06:37:19 :
Had a wonderful bodycareexperience. Taozi’s skills and expertise in massage therapy were exceptional. she have a deep understanding of different techniques an also took the time to listen to my specific needs, making me feel comfortable throughout the entire session . What impressed me most was her attention to detail. She made sure all the tension area and worked diligently to ensure to providing me with the best possible massage. I left the session feeling completely rejuvenated and relaxed, thanks to Taozi’s skillful hands and caring approach. I highly recommend Taozi to anyone seeking for a good bodycare experience. I will definitely be returning to her for future sessions, as she has truly set the bar high in terms of professionalism, skill, and overall customer satisfaction.


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